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Feb 19, 2013 7:00am EST
. >> it lets us down. it feels like we don't have a leader, someone that leads by the catholic religion. >> i disagree. i think it's for the good for all masses. he wants to be fully functional 100%. >> right. >> to all. and if he can't conform to the duties of the pope then he should step aside and -- >> i want to understand what catholicism means to you personally. >> catholicism and christianity is you live it. it's not just, gee, i believe this, and i'm going to sit in the corner. >> sometimes the dogmas are just too strict for me. i do believe in compassion but i think, you know i'm a little more open with choice. i think, you know a woman's right to choose, that goes against the catholic church. >> i don't believe in abortion. however, in this society now, i'm just not going to tell somebody else you can't do it, you know. and that kind of puts -- that puts you at odds with your own beliefs. in this society, you have to be more or less politically correct. >> it's evolved. the catholic religion has not. >> when you go to p.c. you don't have a conversation like this. i mean, it's c
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am PST
decade as the chief religion writer for "time" magazine and joins us now. david, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is the first pope to resign in six centuries. this is incredibly unusual. were you shocked when you heard the news? >> i was shocked at the timing. but i was not shocked he had resigned. he had already written from time to time it was appropriate for a pope to resign. >> he had written that in his 2010 book "light of the world," where if a pope realizes they are no longer physically able it would be their obligation to resign. what does this mean for his legacy? >> the papacy which is relatively short, the combination of that and the sex abuse scandal, probably means we'll see him in 50 years or something like that as the consolidation of the conservative movement of the papacy. he will be seen as the second part of the john paul ii papacy rather than as somebody who made a huge mark of his own, at least not in terms of the wider world. >> beyond those efforts, was he trying to change the church in any way? >> he came in saying he was willing to make the chur
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am EST
never to talk about sex, religion, and politics in ll the work i do with organizations tell me. >> all right. >> we generally ask that on this show. >> it's rhythmic. that's the farthest i'll ever go. >> okay. >> rrhythmic. got it. >> not the first word that comes to mind for me. >> all right. >> wow! >> we're veering off. this is scary. >> my fault, sorry. >> thanks for asking. >> i am curious about the word, but i'll move along. >> thank you, good to have you here. >> good to see you, tony. >>> there was a time when it was common for air ships and blimps to fill the skies of america and europe. changed with one simple word -- hindenburg. more than 75 years later, bill whitaker shows where air ships could be taking off again. >>> i've never seen anything that looked like this. there isn't one. this is the only one in the world. >> reporter: it looks like a big balloon. but engineer tim kenny with worldwide aros of tustin, california, calls this the evolution of air transport. >> you can carry it inside? >> yes, the payload would be lifted from the bottom of the vehicle and stowed insi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)